High Class Escort Agency Zurich Geneva London Barcelona

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Welcome to our VIP Access for our regular clients

High Class Escort Agency Zurich Geneva London Barcelona


Our ‘High class’ Escorts prefer to remain discreet and choose to be only in our private ‘VIP’ Agency Gallery.

First of all we would like to remind you that we meet each girl personally. Therefore we can ensure you that each lady has the Charm, Beauty, Elegance and right attitude to join our team as an Elite escort. Consequently we are confident about the quality of our Escort service we offer. 

We are a long established Escort Agency based in London.‘Word of Mouth’ has been key to our success   for over 20 years ! We are offering  a genuine description of the girls  absolute discretion and a friendly approach..Therefore there is no waste of time for both sides.We always try to find someone that would match you personality-wise and looks-wise !

When you become a regular client, you can then have access to our ‘VIP’ area. You will be able to view the pictures of the face of our lovely ladies. Then, most of our Elite Escorts will be able to travel and join you wherever you are.

**If you are staying in a private flat or in an exclusive hotel in very Central London, we can eventually come to show you our Photo Album so you will be reassured that our service is safe, trustworthy and genuinely selective.. We used to offer this service before the Internet existed!    Please give us some notice..
Thank you